Thu. Sep 19th, 2019


Rich Dad or Poor Dad, they are both dads with an iron hand that’s bound to thump their kids to pulp at any angered moment.

Imagine such a beauty being thumped hahauh naye life ain’t fair

That’s what happened to Sheila Gashumba-NTV the Beat presenter who was on the wee hours of Sunday Morning introduced to what it really means to being a father.

Its alleged that Sheila returned with a bunch of drunk friends back home who when asked by the Father-Gashumba on their from abouts and their drunk state, they lashed back with a bunch of insults accusing Gashumba for mistreating his daughter. Little did they know they were scratching Sheila’s father’s heart with sharp crows!

Hardly had they left after dropping Sheilah than she received her share of carrying along with her a bad company of friends, returning home late and insulting her father. This was followed by a 12 hour in house detention only to be rescued by her mother who came in with Police Yesterday. Since her rescue, Lil Stunner aka sheila has been trying to refute the claims of the shameful adult punishment she received which wasnt befitting of a celebrity of her stature!

Gashumba has on the other side refused to side and pity her but thus confirmed that he beat her

“There is no democracy at my home because no one elected me to be Sheilah’s father thus No one is going to run my home where i set the rules and she must abide by them!”

Gashumba responded with this tough message shout out to all fans and critics who were making it a big deal to lecture him on how he should have handled the matter.

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