Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Swedish grandma starving teenage Ugandan boyfriend

All was well after the hook up, too much media attention plus negative elders’ backlash that gave 19 year old Aziz Mawanda enough hype to trip over!

The two love birds were the news heads after Monalisa Larson fell out with faded singer Governor Ace who used her as a stepping ground to fly and gain citizenship in Sweden.

The couple later went silent only to come back claiming their hype a few weeks back. Shocking details though are that they are Starving! Not sexually but they totally have nothing to put on the fire and digest!

Mawanda is currently admitted at Mulago hospital where he was brought after fainting on Sunday night. His lips got wounded when he fell down and lost consciousness only to wake up with a wiring on his arm at Mulago Hospital. While speaking to the media, the young star revealed that Monalisa has nothing like any money left on her! The two were even chased out of a hotel after failing to clear piled up 2million shillings room and food fees!

It should be remembered that Mawanda openly told the media last year that he accepted to date Monlaisa only because he wanted to fly to Sweden, desert 80 year old Monalissa and find a job to help him clear his bedridden mother’s hospital charges! Now this looks like a dream long over due!!


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