Sun. Aug 25th, 2019


Singer Irene Namatovu of the New Eagles production is on cloud 9.Last week we reported on these pages how she was confident she cud beat Sheeba and the rest of the contestants in the Best female East Africa category in the afrimas and indeed she beat them.At the awards ceremony held in Accra Ghana,Irene emerged winner in this category and had only praises for the Lord after hitting such a milestone.

Below is what she had to say after the awards ceremony.



Helo Uganda/ Africa,
I will not stand to defend my dreams coz they are just dreams but I will not stop to praise God on how he makes miracles to his believers.Let me take this opportunity to thank all my Fanz in Uganda and different parts of africa for supporting me in this inter-continental campaign of bringing the AFRIIMA AWARD to my motherland.i will also take this opportunity to thank my family DE NEW EAGLES were I always fetch determination and courage,I also thank Mr jimmy who was behind the composition of this Trending art piece “NSAMBILA NYUMA NGA JANZI”,KIKA TROUPE led by MR KADDU YUSUF for the authentic traditional dances and costuming,PRODUCER JONAH,MR JOSEPH BATE as co-director NG FILMZ,for the video script and videography and also all meadia houses for exposing and defending my art work

Thank you my country people.thank u africa#
Irenenamatovu afriima
B.E.T loading.

Irene returns this week and a series of celebrations are planned to celebrate this milestone.

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