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Bobi Wine explains why Ashburg Kato ended up in Luzira



Ghetto TV chief noise maker Ashburg Kato has been writing his prison tales since the beginning of July after he was arrested at Katwe Police Station and later CPS and finally Luzira where he is set to be charged for distributing pornographic material together with Lillian Rukundo a mass communication student at Uganda Christian University.

Bobi Wine aka Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who is tight friends with him visited while Ashburg was still at Katwe Police station but failed to use his influence to get him released! when the situation intensified as Ashburg was transferred from Katwe to CPS, Bobi was compelled to make a long Facebook post which he  later deleted from his page.

In reference to the matter, a section of the post read

“when i went with lawyers to check on him and demand for his release, the police officers at katwe were scared to release him and one of them confided in me that there were orders from above not to release him”- read Bobi Wine’s post

Ashburg is set to appear before court again on 16th July after last Friday’s trial where his bail application was rejected.

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A lot has been going on in our Wakanda lately that we even forgot to pay attention to Desire Luzinda turning 25 in the 10th year again! This yearly monotonous 25th birthday happened again Yesterday but unique about it was her post where she unleashed plans to exit the music industry.


For thiS particular birthday, Desire Luzinda has confirmed that she is undergoing a ‘TRANSITION’ which is also an album and her last as a musician!

” I will release my #LAST ALBUM titled “TRANSITION” on the 23rd of this month. This one is special and yes, it is my last…! An album that I have had so much passion about and have had a chance to co-produce bearing in mind what/whom I am transitioning into.
I am grateful to the Lord of possibilities that I serve. Times ahead may come tough but I’ll be counting on Heaven above. So to the achievements in years gone, cheers…to the challenges ahead, no fears!” Read her Facebook post yesterday


According to close friends, Desire has been paying 99% attention to her spiritual growth and church and if she talks of transition, then its something driving towards church ministry. She has been a regular attendant at Phaneroo and seems like thats where the lord met her with the calling to serve.


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Yesterday Manager Jamala Kalyesubura and Manager Moses Katende passed by KASUKU MEDIA LTD offices and an amazing and inspiring chat we had with them about the Art of artiste management, why it is important and why it has failed. Bond empire is responsible for Barbie Jay and Ziza Bafana’s excellence in the Industry. Currently, Bond Empire is handling Young Mulo and resurrecting his career.

Manager Jamal and Manager BMK of Bond Empire yesterday at KASUKU MEDIA offices

When and where did your career in artiste management dwell from?

Our career started 3 years ago because we had a keen interest in Music and Manager Jamal was a radio presenter at Suubi Fm which made it easy for us to blend in easily since it was almost working with people in the same industry

Which artistes did you begin your careers with?

We began with Barbie Jay and later handled Ziza Bafana and back then we were working as mere individuals because we had not yet legally registered bond empire.

Please shade more light into what functions an artiste’s manager plays

A manager is responsible for the well being of the artiste, where they sleep, what they eat, what they put on, which song they have to record and where they to record it from, where they have to perform and when?. Managers also have to promote the artiste’s music and manage their media appearances.

As experts, what are some of the things that you feel have gone wrong towards Ugandan artistes as a result of poor management?

Ugandan artistes are so undisciplined and they devalue managers depending on their monetary abilities. Because as artistes, they feel they have all it takes to sing and manage themselves at the same time.Artistes have also failed to bow down to competition because its managers that study audience and markets.

So what should the artistes do about it then?

An artiste should be having an office or studio where they meet with their manager almost very morning to share programs and decide on the future.

As Bond empire, what new thing are you bringing onto the artiste management scene?

To start with, we are researches in the music audience targets thus we have been able to make our artistes release latest music genres and reach their targets with back to back hits which has helped them to stay relevant.

Just wondering, why do artistes fall out with their managers every day?

GREED is the biggest cause because as managers, we invest in the artiste but when they start earning, the artistes feel we don’t deserve the agreed percentage of the share which causes an uproar.

COMMUNICATION is the other issue because the gap left between artistes and managers brings about parallel decisions that make us clash.

Whats your take on artistes and managers owning assets together?

There is definitely no problem with that as long as they have an understanding that wont result into a disagreement after splitting up.

Whats your current take on the state of Music in Uganda?

Apparently, Ugandan music has gone International because the places the play South African or Nigerian music can also play Ugandan Music. Musicians have also changed from sticking to one music genre to being all round and thus one musician can sing Zouk, Afrobeat, ragga, raggae, ragga, hip-hop putting music on the world market.

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It takes a long time for us (media) to take a comedian’s words serious but its high time we listened to words of MC Kapale and analyzed them. For months, he has been beefing on fellow comedians MC Mariachi and Salvador Idringi using almost similar statements. Since he has repetitively made them over time, they might be holding some little water.


MC Kapale alleges that he introduced Mariachi to the comedy industry when he scooped him a gig at Monalisa club in Mengo. He is however hurt that instead of Mariachi concentrating on his career, he used his kii long mouth to stab him in the back and the Club Owner fired Kapale instead and rubbished his profile among possible future clients


Surprisingly, MC Kapale labelled Salvador as ‘Jokes Thief’. Kapale affirms that he has evidence that the balloon like Salvador would come to Theater La Bonita in a hood, sit inn the corner every evening to listen and cram his jokes which he would later translate into English to attract the International audience.

Kapale says these two have contributed to the slight downfall of the Comedy industry with the former rubbishing the names of fellow comedians and the latter not crediting the jokes he steals from local languages and translates into English.

Banange Kapale Muniyiivu, tewabawo amusemberera hahahuh!

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