Zari Vs Zella:Whose party was the big deal?

The Battle of the wealthiest and most followed showbiz ladies was on yesterday night. Zari’s ALL WHITE VIP party at Guvnor and Don Zella’s GAL POWER party at Cub Play. These two women made big noise rounds on all media stations be it radio,Tv and online pushing their shows. Today we look at how the two parties fared after all the Pre-show Photoshop wars and fake flop news immediately there after.

The up closeness and breathing space at Club Play

VENUE; The Venues were Club Guvnor and Club Play. Club Guvnor on the ALL WHITE PARTY side was packed elbow to elbow to the extent that the Boss Lady herself had no dancing space. Her Majestic entry only went as far as the back drop. Accessing the white carpet with her bouncers was a hustle that put her make up at a risk of wearing off due to the heat generated by the crowd. Back to Club play  which sits yards away from Guvnor, even Catherine Kusasira could feel the presence of fresh air. You get what we mean?

Packed Guvnor

ORGANISATION; The organisation of these two events was no mediocre. Ali Alibhai and other smart minded managers stood in to give Zari’s night a classy look attracting Ciroc and other lion brand sponsors. Don Zella’s on the left side swallowed the big sponsorship burden in her belly sharing itwith Maama Fiina and Patricia Sewungu. Spark TV that had stood in to broadcast the event live breached part of its contract and got itself trounced at the entrance of club Play.

GUEST LIST; We all saw Navio stick to  Zari like he had been hired as the Special Body Guard from Kampala. We also saw the whole of Wasafi Record Label from Tanzania rain down at Guvnor like Tanzania had teleport-ed to Kampala for the night. Its also rumored that the main man Diamond Platinumz was also expected to land down for the night but only Zari knows what happened. Back at Club Play, TZ again represented with Hamisa Mobetto as one of the top guests. The other big shot was the chief traditional doc-tress her self Mama Fiina.

CAUSE; Whereas the GAL POWER party was a charity event to support under privileged singer mothers in the country, Zari’s ALL WHITE party was more of a ‘fun’ centered event. Pay, drink, drance, ride your Uber and go sleep. For the former’s cause, Mama Fiina donated 5 million shillings to use come Saturday when Don Zella. More other people donated things other than money to support Zella’s call.

DRESS CODE; Whereas Zella’s GAL POWER was a white and red affair more open to the extent of giving Mama Fiina the chance to go blue. Zari’s was strictly all white right from the event carpets. Trickling this down to the chief Bosses, Zella rolled on her usual  tom boy looks with a white hat and white office suit with a shirtless backed blazer. Zari brought on a bridal look with her long bare back white dress.

Zari’s dress was goals to almost every lady at Guvnor
Mobetto + Mama Fiina + Don Zella = GAL POWER

We now leave it to you: out of 10, rate the two parties…….

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