Zari Vs Don Zella

When two Boss ladies roll sleeves, what else can we the spectators do besides siting, grabbing more popcorn and putting on 5D glasses for the action.

Don Zella with close pal Bad Black at one of her parties
Don Zella with close pal Bad Black at one of her parties

Zari Hassan and Nalongo Don Zella have given birth to a new feud over who owns 21st December. This was shortly after Zari announced a majestic come back if her ALL WHITE PARTY at club Guvnor come 21st December. Don Zella surfaced furiously pulling the date to her side claiming she booked the date first for her GIRL POWER PARTY at Club play.


These two big spenders are famous for splashing dollars and filling clubs up to the bliss during the End of year BASAMA moments. The question is Who’ll pull down to their party to favor the other? None might pull down because they have two completely parallel genres of fans. Keep the date constant and the weighing scale will deliver the stats. To all the party animals out there, encircle 21st December you either be at Guvnor, Club Play or no where.

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