Wiz Kidding Again!

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Club banging Nigerian artiste Wiz Kid is back on the Ugandan Scene to make up for what his fans missed last year.

Face TV's mobile advertising bus for Wiz Kid;s concert
Face TV’s mobile advertising bus for Wiz Kid;s concert

Wiz Kid will forever be remembered for setting the heads of Ugandan club animals on fire and cooling them down with ice at the same minute. Wiz Kid who was supposed to perform on 3rd December at Lugogo cricket Oval failed to fly in from Los Angeles just a day to the “Wiz Kid Live in Kampala concert”. The heart broken fans who had secured tickets at 10,000 settled ties with him despite his sincere apologies on social media.

The confirmation Tweet
The confirmation Tweet

Settling ties with him for foxing last year and twerking to his music every Friday in the club are two different things. This explains why he’ll be driving his fans crazy on 7th December this year. Some of his hysterical fans’ wounds are still fresh evidenced by the bunch of insults hurled at his tweet.

Wiz Kid becomes the 3rd international artiste besides Tarrus Riley and Timaya set to shake Musisi’s city this December. One┬áthing is for sure, Ugandans will pullover, Bend down and pause to Daddy Yo some of the 27 year old’s famous club bangers.

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