Who killed Danz Kumapeesa?

Could he have been receiving threats prior to the attack?

Was he wrangling with any one?

Did he have unfinished business?

Was this a planned or coincidental attack?

Stories indicate valuable property was taken from him with no specifications about what this property is?

Were any back ground checks performed to track his cell phone data?

Who should be accountable for his death?

Who are the 3 people that were arrested trying to break into his ICU room at Nsambya hospital?

Does police act serious only when its own are brutally sent 6ft under?

Danz on life support machines at Nsambya Hospital's ICU before his death
Danz on life support machines at Nsambya Hospital’s ICU before his death

These are questions popping up in the minds of family and friends of Danz living in a country where citizens try fulfilling the duty of standing by each other’s sides but the authorities are sipping Uganda Waragi while rolling office chairs around. I mean what else are they high on? Police has never come out to issue a statement trailing the thugs that beat up JahLive producer Dan Muwanguzi into comma later to death. Is it that Danz was beaten when no one was watching and police had no hint about the possible sketch of what the thugs looked like. If my mind serves me right, when the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was shot dead, sketches of the murderers were littered all over walls,toilets and electricity poles in the city tracking the suspects down because a big name had been slaughtered. Don’t other citizens deserve the same attention in pursuit of truth and justice.

On the fateful night of 5th June, he was heading to his crib in Makindye when mayhem descended onto him. Beaten by unknown thugs whom he purportedly identified but due to the deadly condition in which they sent him, he couldn’t help the police investigate. Now that he is gone, all hopes of serving him justice have been smashed to atoms that no microscope can trace.

Danz's Mum and sister seated besides casket at his funeral in Kabanyolo
Danz’s Mum and sister seated besides casket at his funeral in Kabanyolo
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