Ugandans roast Zari on Twitter

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There is this common Luganda phrase “abantu bakoowu”(simply meaning that Peple are tired of crap). Yes Ugandans have had a lot to deal with of late and won’t let any socialite or celebrity shine on their tired eyes.

Yesterday night was yet another round of scorning for Zari Hassan the boss Lady after she tweeted saying ” I will not be coming to the KCCA charity concert as earlier reported by some blogs because of personal commitments”

Tweet of the Night
Tweet of the Night

It was as if she had parked her car in the middle of the round about at Jinja road. Ugandans flocked her handle splashing liters of insults from the bottom of their hearts. Here are some of those that couldn’t go unnoticed

We don’t actually need u, unless u were one of the performers. Buh u stopped singing 😂😂

Is she on the poster?

The dangers of dating young men, Diamond still wanna have fun. These young boys will drive you crazy my dear

So Zari was on the poster too. Me I didn’t see

…every man u have dumped either dies or disappears from the limelight. U got the luck. Ella ono Diamond alabye


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