Known to many as Calvin the entertainer,Ubc’s head of entertainment has vowed to give JKazoora a bloody nose over UBC MAGIC 1HD.

Two years ago Magic 1 TV went live and Calvin was given full powers to run the TV something he had done successfully until a new breed of grabbers led by a one Simon Kaheru the Chairman Board of Directors UBC partnered with JkAZOORA AND TRIED to make Calvin a fool.

Apparently Kazoora was given full rights to run Magic 1 TV and began by throwing out Calvin something that dint go down well with Calvin and left him sourgraping.Our sources inside Ubc tell us that Calvin is determined to see the last of Kazoora and is considering using the services of a one Hajji Nsiko that most Ubc long serving employees use to keep at there jobs unchecked for all these years.

He has since vowed that by the time he is done with Kazoora,only a shadow of him will be visible.

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