Swedish grandma refuses to fly back: To refund Mama Fiina’s airticket money!

Where there is love, there is a will. Even in the broke moments, love will always surpass hunger and whatever repercussion comes with empty pocket syndrome.

As for 75 year old Swedish mama who lured 19 year old into a relationship as the latter expected to harvest money, their miserable and funny tales are not about to come to  a conclusion.

Reports indicate that the couple has rejected Mama Fiina’s intervention money as start up capital for Aziz Mawanda, clear hotel room debt as well buy an air ticket for Monalissa Lasson to fly back to Sweden and claim her place in the Old Age nursing home.

After a series of broke moments led the duo to Mulago hospital nursing starvation, Mawanda had decided to deport Monalissa to his home village as he works tooth and nail in the city to fund their belated to happen wedding that was supposed to be held on 29th June.

The confused Granny and grand son couple is back in their confused cocoon and is not about to stop giving us news every other day despite their wedding taking ages to ever happen!

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