Shame as kiggundism/vote rigging is evidenced in the ASFAs

Uganda was listed among the top most corrupt countries in the world ranking 25th. This corruption didn’t only specifically shoot at government agencies and institutions but generalized into all sectors.

With lots of fashion awards slated for next month, voting has been under way for some of the nominees most especially those in the A’Bryan’s Style and Fashion Awards. Its a shame that as some nominees hustle to get their fans and friends voting to increase their winning chances, the Kiggundu like IT personnel of the ASFAs is busy tampering with the system in favor of some nominees.

Last Night a one Mohsen Taha from the category Fashion Photographer of the year took to his Facebook page to shun the organizers after he witnessed vote rigging in this category at the wink of his eye. Mohsen said in his post

“WOW! Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2017 well played! sm1 jumps from about 200 votes to almost 1500 votes effortlessly in a matter of just a few MINUTES…yet we all know as fellow nominees that is very impossible in such a short span of time. well played! ???? and you thought corruption stops in our parliament. ???? LOL”

Having seen this, we took a tour to the Awards’ online voting platform only to realize he was referring to fellow contestant Oscar Ntege whose votes shot up to 1344 votes in just seconds

Dear Ahumuza Bryan, if this allegation holds some water drops, please clean your house before the Awards loose credibility because trust me they are currently among some of the best organised events we have in our banana republic. Please don’t spoil it!

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