The bad blood between Jeff  Kiwa and Radio and Weasel could be about to end if Radio and Weasel listen to advise given to them by Chameleon and their lawyers.

Info coming towards our direction indicates that the dynamic duo is nolonger at ease after Jeff Kiwa secured a second arrest warrant for them last week.They nolonger move freely and are always on the look out for a possible cut off by the police,our source inside the goodlyf camp told this website.

However Chameleon and the duo’s lawyer have advised them to swallow their pride and talk to Jeff Kiwa.WE SHALL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWERS TO HELP YOU BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO PUT IN MORE EFFORT.GO TALK TO THE GUY AND ASK HIM TO BACK OFF.THIS IS JUST LIFE AT THE END OF THE DAY.YOU CANT KEEP PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK FOREVER BETWEEN YOURSELVES,our source quoted Chameleon s having told the duo.

However much as Weasel was willing to oblige,Radio is said to have been adamant and vowed to never kneel before Jeff Kiwa.

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