NTV’s Raymond Mujuni to make 1st appearance on Nbs TV

You cannot talk investigative journalism in Uganda without Mentioning NTV’s Raymond Mujuni. This enthusiastic young journalist joined NTV during its glorious days 2 years back as the most watched Urban television famous for its objective 9pm news and life stories.

The media world is evolving at a faster pace and who knew Nbs TV would one day claim a market share of the news bulletins, covering national events live and political analysis. Just like all properly crafted face lift projects, Nbs has been feasting on NTV’s best news anchors and reporters by exciting their eyes with fatty and reliable payments.

It all began with Solomön Serwanja, to Sheila Tusiime Mugisha, Rukh-Shana Namuyiimba and several other production, graphics expects and administrators resigning to join Nbs.

Raymond Mujuni has joined this Job Mobility train in a document he posted on his social media pages announcing his change of work place. his document titled pursuit of truth partly read:-

“I will, in the coming week join a new team principally to build the institution of investigative story telling and find more attractive ways of telling stories to younger and determining audiences – to create the blue ocean of media consumption.
Good bye my family at NTV. I wish nothing but the best for the team.”

From the team at Kasukulive.ug, we wish you the best in your career Raymond.

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