NTV’s Flavia and Kabura spend new year’s day together on Mt Rwenzori

Indeed 2018 must be some people’s year. These two NTV workmates Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabura of NTV At 9 news bulletin and Revved up programs respectively have yet again proved that being single should stay in 2017. The two spent their new year’s day at the beautiful sights of Mt Rwenzori in Western Uganda. From clinging onto each other’s cloaks at Nyege-Nyege festival, to a surprise discrete Birthday party of two, all the way to Blankets and Wines and finally here they are by themselves in the wild!

CONFIRMED! Flavia Tumusiime might be Andrew Kabuura’s nini

The two shared pictures of themselves on their personal social media accounts posing with Mountain Climbing sticks with Rwenzori captions forgetting that Ugandans are good at joining dots. Kabura had a mountain climbing stick in his picture and so did Tumusiime. It took a smart mind to realize that these two helped take shots of each other in the same location.

To our Brother A Pass, taking a selfie with your crush at the ASFAs probably didn’t mean a thing to her! You should have taken a step further but since you didn’t, let Andrew Kabura reign as your single soul watches on.

Andrew Kabura’s shot
Flavia’s shot
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