My mum, step dad and brother died of AIDS so please use condoms- Bryan White tells Ugandans

Bryan White Kirumira is not only good at littering dimes in thirsty hands but also an expert at injecting million dollar drops of knowledge into his fans’ brains.

Today while appearing on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya program hosted my Faridah Nakazibwe, Bryan White opened up about his family life, source of wealth and why his minds think of nothing but charity.

The biggest gist in his background revelation was the fact that his mother Gladys Nassazi Kasumba died when he was 17, His Italian step Dad and kid brother too passed away having succumbed to the commonest syndrome claiming Ugandans I.e AIDS.

It was on such a back ground that he urged the youth to make good use of condoms if they are to live long productive lives. Condoms come third in the ABC  line of preventing the wide spread of AIDS which stretches from Abstinence-Being Faithful and finally to Condom Use.

“If you are going to a bar, at least carry two packs for the sake of uncertainity”

He also cautioned the youth most notably Boda Boda riders to stop using drugs and drinking sachet alcohol.

“Boda Boda riding in Uganda is a good job but the people engaged make it look dirty and disgusting. You find someone riding as they chew marijuana or as they sip sachet waragi”

Bryan White finally gave Ugandans a simple key to becoming rich;

“When you get money, don’t start by elevating your social status with new clothes, a better phone or a car but invest the money, work hard and let these things bow to you by themselves”

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