A comedian is an entertainer who performs in humorous manner especially by telling jokes.
In Uganda we have so many comedians who perform in different places like theatres for example theatre labonita, laftaz, bat valley theatre and among others and national television programmes like kandolindoli AND U-turn.Our very own Salvador was last week nominated in the funniest person in the world competition so we decided to look at some of our top comedians and we ask,who is the fairest of them all?

She was born on 13th April 1987 (age 29) in Mparo Village, Kabale district in the Western Region of Uganda Her father is a retired banker, and her mother is a housewife. She attended Kabale Primary School. For her O-Level and A-Level education, she studied at Bweranyangi Girls’ Senior Secondary School in Bushenyi. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Makerere University. She is married to Gerald Ojok, a native Acholi. They have no children.
According to recorded interviews that she gave in 2014, Anne began posting some of her sketch comedy skits on YouTube. She received positive feedback that encouraged her to post more videos. Her breakthrough was when Citizen TV from Kenya offered her a slot to produce, star and present a comedy show once a week. That is how she came up with the ‘Don’t Mess With Kansiime’ comedy show. By November 2014, her YouTube channel had more than 15 million views. Her YouTube videos receive thousands of views and she has appeared on BBC Focus on Africa. She has played to packed houses in Blantyre, Gaborone, Kigali, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, Lilongwe, London, Lusaka and Harare. Kansiime has continued performing and touring as a standup comedian.
She has achieved many awards including; Outstanding Female Comedian 2016, Teeniez Funniest Comedian 2016, African Entertainment Awards USA, Best Comedian’s Award 2015, Rising Star – Comedian of the Year 2015, African Oscar Award for favorite comedian 2015, Nollywood & African People’s Choice Award for favorite comedian 2015, YouTube silver play button 2015, AIRTEL Women of Substance Awards 2014, BEFFTA 2013 (Best Comedian) Winner, Lagos International Festival 2013 (Best Actress) Winner, Social Media Awards (Favorite Celebrity) winner and African Social Awards Malaysia (ASAM) – 2013.

Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga is a graduate of the Music, Dance and Drama at Makerere University. He is an actor, director and also the Artistic Director of Afri-talent an expert drama company. Abby has been directing and acting for theatre since 1994. He has acted and directed over 30 plays acted by “The Afri-Talent”. He won the Best Actor Uganda National Theater Award in 1994 for his role as King Freddie in a play “Saagala Agalamidde” at the Uganda National Theatre. He featured in a missionary video “Fires of Hope and has appeared in a popular TV soap entitled “Ensitaano- the Scuffle” a Television soap that was very common for 4 years showing on WBS TV. He has also won Best production awards in various play productions viz.; “Omuyaga Mu Makoola”,”Ekitangaala mu Nzikiza”.
He is the Artistic director of Bat-Valley Theater which is the home of Afri-talent. He has directed and featured in Aids awareness videos sponsored by the Red Cross entitled “The Stigma”. He has worked with Africa Health and Development International-AHADI, in producing and directing a radio and television drama on “the family in the face of HIV/AIDS” for AHADI. He has also directed and produced the following works; Adherence to Tuberculosis treatment sponsored by the Aim Project. This involves radio drama Series on People living with HIV Aids (PLWHA) also sponsored by Aim Uganda.
Abby Mukiibi is the Programmes Manager of Cbs Fm and also a presenter of Kalisoliso, a very popular radio comedy with Cbs fm. He continues to do comedy shows for example ‘Akandolindoli’ that airs on Bukkedde television.

Andrew Benon Kibuuka commonly known to artistes as ABK is president of the Federation of Performing artistes of Uganda. He is a founding director and artistic director of Bakayimbira Drama-actors a group that has performed for Ugandans for more than 33 years. He has been described as a genius when it comes to directing by some of his students like Christopher Luwaga and Sembusi Patrick.
Andrew Benon Kibuuka was born on 26th may 1962 the same year that the Republic of Uganda got its independence. His father is the late Paul Kiteke Bazibumbira and his mother is the late Margaret Natabi Bazibumbira, He was born in Mulago hospital and grew up in Kabowa in Rubaga division. He went to Kisa Nursery School, Namirembe Infant school, Mengo Primary School and was one of the first pupils to be recruited by Kampala parents school where he finished his Primary seven. He did his O-level and A-level at Kampala High School. He then received a diploma in Education from Makerere University making him a teacher by profession teaching Engish, Literature and Geography subjects. In 1988 he went to USA where he received his diploma in Playwriting and directing at the Eugen Oniel Centre. In 1987, Kibuuka Married his wife of more than 28 year Mary Sita(Siyitaomu) a teacher by profession and together they have five children.
In the 80’s and 90’s, Benon is remembered for playing the scoundrel in all the plays that Bakayimbira put on stage. For this he was hated and feared almost by everyone who had seen Bakayimbira Perform. However, in the 2000s his roles changed from the scoundrel to the hero. He was also shifted from the serious roles and he became the comic in Bakayimbira with his very famous role of Hajji Bumaali later on Dube Sempaata in the TV series created by Bakayimbra Drama-actors.
His works include; Bantu Bange (Writer), Olwendo Lwa Ttendo (Actor), Embaga Ya Kony (Actor), Akakomo (Actor), Magumba (Actor), Kaawa (Director,Actor), Mukyala Neiba (Writer, Actor), Kigenya Agenya (Actor), Vanesa and Tito (Writer, Actor), Bamulanzeki (Director, Actor) amongst others.

Kenneth Kimuli also known by his stage name Pablo is a journalist by training but is more known for his stand-up comedy than his radio job. He was born to the late Steven Isingoma and Enid Kirungi Isingoma and raised by his uncle Robert Mushagara in Mbarara District with a dream to be a journalist. He was admitted to Makerere University to do a Bachelor of Commerce, an offer he turned down, opting for a diploma at Uganda Management Institute (UMI). But before he reported to UMI, a relative told him about a journalism course at Namasagali University. At Namasagali, he did a Bachelor of Mass-Media, Journalism and Creative Writing.
In 2004, as a freelance writer at Daily Monitor, Pablo was assigned to go and check out a new comedy group that was starting out in town. That is how he met with the Theatre Factory under veteran actor Philip Luswata. He kept going back to meet them during their rehearsals. At the rehearsals, Pablo often gave them a few tips and told them stories they could integrate into comedy. They later extended an invitation asking him to join them. His cousin Kwezi Kaganda was already part of the group, and he comforted him that all will be okay. Julius Lugaaya, a director at Theatre Factory says, “When we created Theatre Factory we were creating an opportunity for young people to exploit their talent and shine”. Pablo is actually one of the fruits of the group.
His first performance was at TLC restaurant on George Street in Kampala. He jokes that the cast was bigger than the audience on the night. He took a stage name Rukandema, a village boy from Mbarara but his boss, Belinda Obura at Power FM had advised him to use Pablo on radio.
“People who watched me perform related my voice to Power FM’s Pablo and said I speak like Pablo. They soon adopted the name and started calling me Pablo marking the end of Kenneth or Rukandema.”

Dickson Zzizinga is a simple man of 40 years old. He is a father of five children with four women from four different tribes. He went to Kangulumira Nursery School in Kayunga District, then joined St Ponsiano Primary School and went to Kampala Secondary School, thereafter. He joined Pioneer Adult School in Kayunga before enrolling for Adult Literacy in 2005 and Basic Education Centre (ALBEC) at Makerere University, in 2006. He has done several jobs which he can’t mention all. But his recent job before he started comedy was cab driving, he started driving cabs in 1994 till 2012; he then started comedy and acting in 1997 up to know. He joined Dembe FM in 2011.
He works for a company called Maiden Africa, it is a South African company, it owns the program he hosts (Mini Buzz) that has showed on different televisions like NTV and Bukkedde.

Ssegujja Herbert a 28year old Ugandan was born in Boowa village, in Luweero District in a family of four. He holds a Diploma in Education from Kyambogo University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts from Makerere University. Ssegujja is a secondary school teacher of African and European history. Comedy is his second job. “Although the bigger percentage of my income comes from comedy,” he says, “I still enjoy my teaching profession. I like history because every fact is backed by a story which I can sketch into comedy.’
Ssegujja started mimicking people when he was only 11, at Primary Six. He started off mimicking the late Luganda radio announcer, John Ssalongo. From there, he performed special mimicry roles in secondary school dramas. Besides Museveni, Ssegujja mimics the American president, Barack Obama, and the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, among others. “Although I have perfected Museveni, for me it is a talent because I can mimic anybody.” He is part of the fun factory.

George Collins Mulindwa, also known as Afande Kere Kere is 26 and was born to Joyce Nakitende, a tailor and John Bosco Lubega. As a young boy, Mulindwa lived in Mulago. He attended Shimoni Demonstration School from where he went to Kololo High School for O-level and then on to Bishop’s Senior School for A level.
After his A-level, Mulindwa went on to become a hair dresser. He worked at this job for two years at Evarije Salon at Nabukeera Plaza. Mulindwa is not one to take life too seriously and Comedy is just within him, it was only waiting for a door to open before it could pour out.” The door opened in 2007 when a group of comedians, including Kaibanda and Billy Katumba of CBS, Connie Nalugo of Radio Simba, members of the Amarula family and others joined to form a group, Afri-comedians. Mulindwa was part of this group and it is from here that he made connections that made him known. He broke up with the Amarula Family mentioning low pay. Today, he is part of the group Extra Touch, which also has Julius Kadoma, Juma Kabotongo, Douglas Kiberu and Eddie Kalevu. And they are the people behind WBS’ Imagine.

The 29-year-old Mariachi, who describes himself as ‘Mr Potable’ due to his slim figure is born in a family of ten children to Christine Nalwoga and Patrick Muwonge (RIP). Mariachi was later taken over by his uncle Bernard Sserwada, who is a local council chairman in Nansana. He went to St Joseph primary school, Nansana, and Nansana Secondary school, where he studied up to senior two
While in Nansana he would jump on promotion trucks, and whenever the MCs took a break, he would grab the microphone to “say something stupid”. After doing this for a while, he started getting gigs in bars. He would be rewarded with a drink and transport refund. From there, he decided to the karaoke business. And in 2009, he received a call from one Junior Kasule who offered him a job as an MC in Fantasies Entertainment, a company that used to do comedy and karaoke.
His comedy is in Luganda, which makes him connect better with his audience.He is one of the fast rising and trending comedians. He commands a full house every time he is at Theatre La Bonita, and is a darling at Bat Valley theatre’s weekly Akandolindoli show.

Patrick Idringi is one of Capital FM’s newest sensations also known as Salvador to comedy lovers co-hosts the Dream Breakfast on Saturday mornings alongside Shawn and Tatu. Idringi has excelled in the art of standup Comedy and his ability to say what others cannot say has made him one of the most outstanding comedians in Uganda. This telecom engineer is born in a Kakwa family from Koboko, West Nile to Mr and Mrs Lawrence Dawa he is the second youngest in a family of seven children – three girls and four boys. He went to Our Lady of Africa nursery school, Kiswa primary school, St Charles Lwanga College Koboko and Bishop Cipriano Kihangire secondary school. He graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering. Idringi says he grew up with engineering dreams and took it upon himself to achieve them. But at school classmates would praise his great sense of humor. It was then that he realized he had another calling as a comedian, although even then, it was more of a pastime, not a vocation
Idringi, together with Alex Muhangi, Daniel Omara and Emmanuel Ssebakigye, formed The Crackers which has become one of the greatest standup comedy groups in Uganda. The group is also behind Mic Check, a comedy programme on NTV. Idringi was nominated for a Young Achievers award in the entertainment category just after seven months in the industry, in 2010 and has been selected to represent Uganda in the Night of a Thousand Laughs comedy show in Nairobi, slated for May 5, alongside some of Africa’s best acts such as Nigeria’s Klint the Drunk and Mandy, Zimbabwe’s Carl Joshua, Ghana’s Funny Face and Kenya’s Eric Omondi and others from South Africa.
He says ‘‘I once cracked a joke about a girl who was in a shopping mall and when she saw me, she dropped all her groceries and run to me shouting SALVADOR….! That’s when people started calling me Salvador; a name that has become my own.’’ Salvador was also the star of a popular TV soap Second Chance, who left many women daydreaming about love, white sand beaches with a handsome Salvador

Tindi. More than anything else, K-fm’s K-Drive show presenter, and Fun Factory comedienne Veronica Tindichebwa’s best-kept secret is her age. Tindi is her real name; it is just a short form of the name Tindichebwa. She is a Zinza from Tanzania, Mwanza. She has an ear for languages, the reason she speaks about seven languages. When she came to Uganda with her stepfather, who is White, she stayed in Pakwach and that is how she learnt Alur. She picked the Runyakore from school. She was born in Tanzania, raised by a stepfather in Norway. She came here when she was 10 years old with her step-father and went to Namasagali College where she found great guys like David Ntaro with passion for the arts. She later found Kwezi Kaganda at national theater, who became her teacher, he was good at drama and he told her to give comedy a try in 2005.
She was always acting the part of the Indian lady because she was good with accents as well as the little child or typical Mukiga girl. She managed to pull off these roles with her hoarse voice though challenging as well. She did Tours and Travel at Conrad Plaza and joined radio two years ago around October

Veronica Namanda Kiwanuka went to Kako primary school, Kako senior secondary school, Masaka for ordinary level, St. Marys secondary school for advanced level and Makerere university for bachelors of Art in drama. She is a muganda by tribe who comes from the central region. Her first professional set of acting was in 2005 when she was selected to be a leader actress in hand in hand TV soap by great lakes film industry. She is also a proud comedian and an artist.

He is born to legendary Tom Lwanga, a former Uganda cranes footballer and Mrs Isabella Lwanga, a former actress with the ebonies. Frobisher Lwanga didn’t know exactly what to do with his career as both his parents wanted him to follow their careers.
The fun factory comedian says he grew up doing all kinds of sports from football, table tennis, basketball and volleyball among others and was always on the national team of those respective sports teams in school. “I used to be among the best in all the sports I did and always featured in the teams of those sports,” he said. However joining comedy wasn’t his intention although he used to participate in the drama clubs at school but one day while at Namasagali college, he was told to stand in for someone who had fallen sick and was able to even play the role better which prompted Kwezi Kaganda who then was their teacher to take it up and drop the other kid. “I joined comedy by mistake and in fact it was a hobby that turned into a career.” He says. “Because I played so well the role I was given, I immediately became a member of the comedy drama at school and from then, comedy has been my career.”

We r still profiling these comedians,watch out for Part 2.

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