Messiah in a pink bathrobe! Who styles Bryan White?

It cant be that he woke up and felt like driving out of the gate in a bath robe!. Its also not possible that his equally light skinned wife sat by the bed side and watched him walk out with her bathrobe just like that!. Was he probably jogging in the car? Oh what a sport. But a man of his worth without sports or jogging attire? Who exactly is responsible for our Tycoon’s wardrobe?

When filthy rich Baby Jesus gets born before christmass
When filthy rich Baby Jesus gets born before Christmass

Today in history, it shall be remembered that Bryan White was pictured some where on the streets of kampala doing his best(throwing money notes to whichever hungry hands cared to receive). In these pictures, Bryan White putting on a pink bath robe is seen splitting bundles of money while standing in his open roof convertible car. According to close observation, Bryan White was boycotted by this bunch of Ugandans who have always seen him on TV and longed to receive a share of his money. Their boycott was a success but we advise this guy to visit the fashion doctors like A’Bryanz to find a lasting solution to his new syndrome before he shows up at Fusion Auto Spa in only God knows what next.  Meanwhile i am at home, come and slap me with money notes lol.

Come all ye money hungry...
Come all ye money hungry…

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