Mariachi and escort released, set to pay 2m

Comedian Mariachi real names Charles Kakooza and escort Michael Bunjo can now finally breathe some fresh oxygen after spending 3 days at CPS coolers. The two were arrested on Saturday after assaulting a traffic police officer whose orders they defied while rushing for a show in Masaka!

According to the magistrate at Mwanga 11 court Esther Nyandoi, the two paid 500,000 Ug shillings each as bail cash and their sureties were asked to pay over 2 million shillings later!

Welcome back on the scene Mariachi and friend, next time you try to play around with traffic police officers with the back up of sijui you have connections, just remember that the Police Force is undergoing a change of guards! Togamba tetukulabudde!

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