LOVE GONE BAD! Former manager hides Lydia Jazmine’s passport!

The situation between fast rising R’n’B female star Lydia Jazmine is soon getting out of hand and hitting the danger button for external forces close to the to parties to intervene.

Mid this month, Lydia Jazmine announced that she was single after sacking her manager Producer Bushington! After 4 years of being together not as manager and singer but boyfriend and girlfriend, Jazmine decided to let loose and sack him over mismanagement and incompetence.

Bushington later came out to say Jazmine was poor at financial management and had failed to buy her own car. The bitter terms escalated after Bushington stopped Jazmine from driving his premio car anymore. Bushington was also tired of Jazmine’s drunk nature of returning late in the wee hours of the morning with a bunch of other drunk friends.

The latest development about their now bitter relationship indicates that Lydia Jazmine might miss out on performing at the UNAA convention! Her passport is one of the things that she forgot to leave with while quitting Bushington’s apartment and apparently, reports reveal that its missing.

lets watch the space….



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