Loaded Singer & MP Asks Court To Separate Her From Broke Husband

Loaded gospel singer-turned-politician, Judith Babirye has requested court to separate her from her broke husband.


The Buikwe district woman MP also gospel singer, Judith Babirye has petitioned the High Court, Family Division seeking to divorce her marriage with husband Samuel Niwo.


Babirye had separated with Niwo in 2009 though hadn’t seen the need for divorce until recently.


Just a few months after being elected MP, where every MP takes home in excess of Shs20million every month plus a car worth over Shs150m, Babirye doesn’t want anything to do with the father of her child.


She wants court to separate them so she can enjoy her money without any strings, accusing Niwo of having been beating her before their separation in 2009.


She also asked court to allow her to stay with their child so Niwo can choke on dust alone in the village for disrespecting her while she was still a poor youth. She told court that sometimes Niwo would beat her when even her neighbours kids were watching and so this is the right time for him to pay back.


Babirye and Niwo began dating while at their high school in Buikwe where both hail from. Though, they later went separate ways when Niwo joined business while Babirye joined Makerere University. Even during this period, both were still in touch.


Their relationship would later be formalised in a wedding in early 2000s at Rubaga Miracle Center shortly after Babirye graduated.


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