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Tubonga nawe was a song composed by a select group of Ugandan musicians during the campaign period of the 2016 presidential elections in support of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag bearer H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has been the president of Uganda for so many years. This praise song was to thank the president and his party for the peace, freedom and development that occurred ever since he attained power.
The artists included Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleon, Radio and Weasel, Judith Babirye, Juliana Kanyomozi, Irene Namubiru, Kingsaha, Catherine Kusasira, Rema Namakula, Pastor Bugembe, Mun G and Annet Nandujja.
After the launch of Tubonga Nawe the artists who participated were given large sums of money by the president as a way of being grateful for their appreciation and praises in the song. The artistes were criticized for doing this and a section of Ugandans promised to boycott there music.
Barely two weeks ago, Bebe Cool the artiste that spearheaded the TUBONGA NAWE campaign held a sold out concert at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Much as word doing the rounds is that the president facilitated the all concert, Bebe Cool pulled off something no other artist may be possible to do.
Today we look at the musicians that were part of the Tubonga Nawe project and where they are right now. We then ask, IS THE TUBONGA NAWE CURSE REAL?

This is a son of a former presidential candidate Bidandi Ssali and a personal friend to the president. It’s believed his the initiator of the Tubonga Nawe project. He has two hit songs KABULANGANE and KI EKIGANYE and just held a sold out concert at the Kampala Serena Hotel. For him the tubonga Nawe curse is a myth he has gone past.

His struggling musically, all his songs released this year have failed to hit top notch and had to cancel staging a concert this year. Things are not going well musically however we hear his in studio recording an album that will mash up 2017.
The curse may be lingering over him.

These two acted as the sacrificial lamb for the tubonga nawe project as they suffered the public’s wrath first at hotel Africana on 14th May and were forced to cancel their concerts in different areas. Musically they are still far from what they were and have to pull up there socks a million times.
The curse is dining with them and moves with them.

After being part of the Tubonga Nawe song she was voted as the woman MP Buikwe South. Things seem to be going her way for her all the way.
The curse is hearsay for her.

She is currently off the scene and here whereabouts are scanty. For here even before the curse, things seemed to have fallen apart for her. The tubonga nawe curse is merely an icing on the cake.

Irene Namubiru already had a career on its knees and a tainted image. She has tried to revive her image and career but the light at the end of the tunnel seems not to be there. The tubonga nawe curse must be the realest thing in her life as Ugandans have deliberately refused to inhale her music.

King Saha tried to score a hit song but had failed until his gods appeared. He has since scored the MWANA GWE hit song that is doing serious rounds on anything that produces music. His slated to hold a concert on 5th November and we are yet to see if it will be boycotted.

A lady known for not mincing her words,Kusasira benefited a lot from the Tubonga Nawe project as she’s a known personal friend of the president.Kusasira is doing badly musically but still gets handouts from her friend M7.Musically speaking, she is in bed with the TUBONGA NAWE curse.

Rema is struggling musically. Somehow her fans have refused to understand and appreciate whatever music she has released this year.Rema was so afraid of the Tubonga Nawe curse that she cancelled her planned concert early this year.

This one is not even cursed by the Tubonga Nawe thing, his is a case of a tired and failed music career that needs 40 days and 40 nights of fasting to revive it.With Pr.Bugembe, we shall not place the curse on him, he needs divine intervention on his career.

This one has a career in limbo that attributing his failure on the TUBONGA NAWE curse shall be blaming the devil for what he dint do.





Veteran Journalist, news paper columnist and political commentator, analyst has decided to sting Bobi Wine again in his critical analysis on his facebook page this afternoon.

In a post Titled ‘Lessons from Bobi Wine’s success to his supporters and admirers’, Andrew Mwenda labels Bobi Wine as a filthy rich young successful musician and business man who boards an expensive KLM business class flight with a suit case worth 4.9 million US Dollars while pretending to be fighting for the fellow poor youths in Uganda.

Andrew Mwenda went ahead to assure Bobi Wine’s followers of how Bobi is misleading them into thinking that they can only get rich and successful through Government handouts yet he himself didn’t need them to get where he is!

On September 17th, Andrew Mwenda authored another article ‘Bobi Wine’s international media embarrassment’ where he slapped Bobi Wine for holding no Vision goals for Uganda yet he is eyeing presidency something Bobi Wine has never mentioned in all his media appearances!

Bobi Wine at the Airport earlier today before boarding his return flight

Lessons from Bobi Wine’s success to his supporters and admirers

By Andrew M. Mwenda

Below is a picture of Bobi Wine carrying a $1,300 Louis Vuitton bag about to board KLM’s business class (probably given the sign “sky priority” behind him) to Uganda to fight for the poor.

If President Yoweri Museveni has stifled Ugandans from prospering, how did Bobi Wine make so much money from his music talent to live in a castle on seven acres of land, drive expensive cars and carry luxury bags?

The lesson for his supporters and admirer is simple but fundamental: if someone in Uganda is talented with marketable skills and invests their income wisely they will prosper. To claim that Ugandans are poor because of government is wrong. It takes away personal responsibility to develop marketable talents and skills.

Bobi Wine’s success makes it clear that the policy environment in Uganda creates opportunities for the talented and skilled to succeed in whatever they try. Those online complaining about government not making them rich are holding a dysfunctional ideology and mentality.

Governments do not make people rich. Possession of talents and marketable skills does the trick. The best government can do for its citizens is to create an enabling environment for individual talent to be exploited.

Bobi Wine’s success in music and in business, like the success of so many other Ugandans in other fields of endeavor, is evidence that Uganda has the enabling environment for individual success.

Therefore instead of telling his supporters and admirers that they are poor because of government and need welfare handouts, he should be telling them how they can use their talents productively for their own individual success.



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From 30th September henceforth, Julius Kyazze from Swangz Avenue will cease to be the Chairman of the Uganda Musicians Association.

This he revealed in a letter to the Musicians Association Yesterday in a Facebook post. The Uganda Musicians association was started years back in a bid to save the profession in Uganda from the aggressive Nigerian and Bongo Flavor hits that were fast infiltrating the Industry as well as to bring together musicians country wide.

His resignation;

“Please accept this letter as a notice of my resignation from my responsibility as the Chairperson of the Uganda Musicians Association. My last date of engagement will be 30th September. I was both excited and humbled when I got the opportunity to be elected
to serve as the chairperson of an amazing group of people.

It has been indeed a great honor for me to serve. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen personal commitments I cant not fully serve as chairperson. I will facilitate a smooth handover to my predecessor and also remain an active member of the association. I can be reached on mail or phone for any inquiries during the transition period. Thank you again for the opportunity”,

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The sports fraternity in Uganda might go ablaze after Counsel Kiryowa Kiwanuka who was last month appointed President Express FC has refused to bow down to FUFA’s inconsiderate sponsorship terms from Star Times.

According to the Sponsorship terms and conditions of the 10 year contract with Star Times TV Uganda, no Football Club under FUFA is expected to get sponsorship from any competitors in the digital TV service providers space like DSTV, GOTV, AZAM TV and others.

The Turning point ofg the deal has aarived where Express Football Club which has always been sponsored by DSTV has cracked a deal with GOTV as their next sponsors! On hearing this breach of the Star Times TV contract , Star Times threatened to terminate the 10 yaer contract with Fufa

As per Counsel Kiryowa Kiwanuka’s level of sports understanding, Star Times Tv sponsoring FUFA totally has nothing to do with the sponsorship arrangements in the private Football clubs registered under FUFA. He further clarified that from the last season, FUFA was sponsored by Azam TV yet Express Fc had DSTV as their club sponsor which had no impact on FUFA’s contract with Azam Tv.

As Star Times threatens to terminate the contract in its toddler stages of growth, this will mean that FUFA President Moses Magogo’s office chair will be decorated with thorns and his position will be at risk him being the Star Times Inconsiderate deal negotiator!

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