“I sat down with God before dropping my new album”-Gospel rapper Ruyonga

By Frank Ntambi

Voice of My Father is the 4th studio album to be released by gospel rapper Ruyonga. The album was released on January 3rd, 2018 through Josh SB 360. Ruyonga’s flow, lyricism, and storytelling on this entire album is off the hook. In individual categories he might not be number 1 in Africa but he’s probably the most well rounded mc Africa has ever got.

Production for the album took place during 2017 at various recording studios. In addition to Ruyonga himself, music production was handled by various record producers, including Dagg Mizzo, Izaya, Wana and executive producer Josh SB.

Voice Of My Father features
guest appearances from artists like
Sandra Suubi, Nutty Neithan, Mandela, Dorothy Ashaba, Tucker HD, DJ Stef, Josh SB, Dave Jethro, Saidat and Tim from Zambia.

The album’s lead single, “Remnant Revolution “, featuring Dorothy Ashaba was released on January 2nd 2018 with its official video, a day prior to the album’s release.

This might be the most potent antidote to hip-hop’s parade of pathologies in some time as each track reverberates with personality and passion. On this Album, Ruyonga crafted a successful formula of mixing the secular and spiritual. If Voice Of My Father doesn’t make Gospel hip-hop viable, I’m not sure anything will.
This album has the the chops to be a Platinum act without compromising Ruyonga’s integrity. Most prominently, Ruyonga has changed the genres attitude towards a more real and honest Divine storytelling mechanism, popularized poetic rap, which is going to evangelize a new wave of music around honest and generally taboo topics, and produced a body of work that many critics and enthusiasts will praise years to come as the best African rap album.

All the songs on this Album are blending rhythmic music and faith-based lyrics.

While asked about why he chose to release the album in 2018 instead of 2017 during an interview, he boldly had this to
“I asked God in November when I should release my next album and He told me October, I was so suprized and I told Him that October is just gone, He answerd me back, “Son you are late”, So I humbly asked Him for another date and He gave me January 3rd”

Ruyonga told me that they then mixed and masterd all the 15 tracks in the whole of December. “Because I had God in Control, this is probably my easiest Album so far because He(God) helped me to give me wisdom and knowledge to do all these songs on the album in a very shortwhile, this Album is just so resourced and very God odained which everyone must listen to” he added.

There are a host of reasons why Voice Of My Father is going to do so well and probably might even be regarded as one of the best, if not the best, African rap albums of all time. A major reason why borrows a lot from the previous section: as the golden age of African hip hope came to a close, the type of work being produced by artists became all too similar – optimistic upbeat music with braggadocios lyrics centered around fame and success.
Voice Of My Father has come at a pivotal point in the industry where it is going to deliver very real, complicated, and unabashed music. Instead of romanticizing drugs, cars and sex, Ruyonga has confronted with different themes relatable to every one i.e themes of love, peace or wanting to be a better person Instead of talking about success and money. Ruyonga confronted the realities and pressures of spiritual anxiety of oneself, messages of hope to one dealing with life’s ups and downs so as they get a spiritual comfort and an emotial connection. In short, Ruyonga is confrontational – his lyrics on this Album tore down the veil the golden age had constructed and showed the true and complex life he is living right now as a believer of God. A critical attention to all the tracks on this album, he and the guest collaborators sound like a mirrors speech, like they are talking to you personally.

You can listen to this Album at Ruyonga.bandcamp.com, itunes and spotify.

1. Voice Of My Father ft Dorothy Ashaba (prod by Josh Sb)
2. Remnant Revolution ft Dorothy Ashaba (prod by Josh Sb)
3. Throne Call (prod by Dagg Mizzo)
4. 23 Sheep ft Sandra Suubi (prod by Wana)
5. The Remnant Effect ft Mandela (prod by Josh SB)
6. Mic Drop ft Tim and Tucker HD (prod by Izaya)
7. Covenants (prod by Wana)
8. Already Dead (prod by Dagg Mizzo)
9. Hand of God ft DJ Stef (prod by Izaya)
10. Mountains ft Josh SB and Dorothy Ashaba (prod by Josh SB)
11. Royalty Rules (Your Thing) (prod by Dag Mizzo)
12. After Hours ft Dave Jethro (prod by Dagg Mizzo)
13. Power (Prod by Wana)
14. The Last Days ft Nutty Neithan (prod by Wordxclusive)
15. Love love ft Saidat (prod by Josh SB)
16. Esaala Ya Kibuga (prod by Wana)

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