I ate my 1st cake at 16years-Kuku Wazabanga

While you were snoring last night, between 11pm-12:30am ran ‘Kasukaali’ program on bbs terefayiina. This new program focuses on discussing relationship issues and is hosted by 3 gorgeous ladies Dianah Nabatanzi, Hasifa Karungi and Muteesi.S.Candy.

This was the 3rd episode and guess who was hosted as a guest! The CEO kasuku media and solutions Ltd which also houses this very website. Kuku Wazabanga Kasuku real names Isaac Katende dissected the Topic which was about Cross Generational Sex as he openly let some of the rats in his life out of the bag where he had zipped them for decades.

Kuku Wazabanga unapologetically revealed that he started eating cake at an early age of 16years.(Damn,he has been in this baking buisines for long and Yeah my Boss was this sharp lol!)
About the Topic of discussion, he revealed a saga where he caught his girl friend eating dimes with a man fit to be her grandfather at a certain restaurant. Broke Kuku was glad to be introduced as a brother by his own girl friend to this man. Since Brokeness comes with hunger, his girl friend’s mzeifriend offered to buy lunch for Kuku as well as giving him some transport.

All this he said trying to back his argument that cross generational sex is never based on love but money and materialistic stuff. This girlfriend of his later chucked him and declared to be moving in with this old man because he had the money she needed.

“After gaining some status and shillings, this girl called asking me if she should return to
her place in my life and I said no” Kuku concluded

Well, enough of the Lugambo for you guys. Hope this doesn’t get me suspended from my writing Job bwahahahahuh!
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