Former Obsessions singer Brenda Nambi to launch her own online textile company

Having graced the music social scene at quite an early age of 15, Brenda Nambi was so focused with what she wanted to achieve right form day 1 and she has fought not to disappoint whoever believed in her. Passing by Casa De Roy and sipping a drop of water besides her team of innovative minds, she lifted the lid off the delicious soup ready to burn your fashion greedy tongues come 23rd November at One Ten studios on Seventh street industrial area.

IMG_9887 (1)
Brenda Nambi modelling in the work of her brains and hands

Did you know that Nambi used to make the costumes for the two groups where she belonged i.e Obsessions and HB Toxic? Everyone thought her bag of talent had run dry when the two Girl groups faded before the face of the Ugandan Music industry but it was her renaissance and chance to focus on what her minds do better. That’s the moment when Fashion became her daily song, meal and life.

With the passion and experience she held at heart, the reception of Nambi Clothing Line was one with unique positivity. While some brands were forever upcoming after years in the industry, Nambi Clothing line shot all the way up and here it is set to launch Nambi Clothing and Textiles Co in an only by invite cocktail party at One Ten studios on Seventh street industrial area.

When asked about what new thing her online shop is going to offer to Ugandan fashion freaks, she had this to say

“Look at your Tshirt, we all have different ways how to wear it and that’s what we shall be offering. Daily tips on how to keep trendy and details and directions on where to get the latest designs:”

One may wonder why she is trying to have a one time swallow of this big yummy mango by switching the brand name from Nambi Clothing line to Nambi clothing textiles. Yes I was also wondering if she purchased shares in Nytil but maybe it’s something close to that.

“Its going to be called a textile company because we more than cloths. We shall be taking orders from corporations like hotels  and individuals  to design uniforms, blankets, duvets, bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, decorating material, fabrics and  shoes. The Online platform will also provide for replicating of designs on customer’s orders” Nambi expounded

Brenda Maraka, Abbas Kaijuka, Martha Jabo and Brenda Nambi herself will showcase on the run way what they’ve been up to acting busy with the sewing machines.

In summary, will celebrate the rich African culture,style and taste of different local and international ethnicities.Fashion Poster2-01



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