The game of hip pop commonly referred to as Luga flow in Uganda, Luga representing Luganda, is a genre that was made so popular by GNL Zamba in early 2008. Since then a birth of new breeds has been evident with the likes of Gravity and Fefe Busi who are currently shaking levels of the rap game.
Today we break down the strong and weak points that make each one distinct varying from education, wealth, fan base, rides, etc.
Koi koi star GNL Zamba must be laughing at the so called new generation and feeling abused at some point. Mukiiza Frank aka Fefe Busi popular for Nsekula hit is not sure about his education hierarchy and each time the rapper appears on television for an interview he never keeps the facts. The rapper attended Old Kampala SSS where he used to feast on Lydia Jasmines kitone though he could not make it to University. Fefe Busi can try to throw a few lines in English while talking but confidently holds an argument in Luganda.
The Omwoto star is popular for having trouble uttering a single word in the Queens language and if you want to annoy him change the language. He however went to Old Kampala SSS but University tuition was not available hence dropping out to secure a music career.
Gravity’s video of 2009 left us to think he has an optical problem due to his skin color is closely worrying. Kiwi shoe polish should approach him to be a brand ambassador.Just like his name the rapper looks like a real Omutujju but money and fame changes a lot. Most a time a loud during performances or any of his appearances.
On the other hand Fefe Busi looks like a cute girl. Despite his pencil size, the rapper is hugely an attraction for women and wouldn’t be offended to find any woman cheating on their men with him.
Gravity might have the whole package of fame but Fefe Busi is an accelerating rapper that hugely has a dope touch on punch lines in his lyrics. He is more composed and carries a lot of poetry with in the lines in his lyrics. He is more and carries a lot of poetry with in the lines, come to free style he would surely beat Gravity hands down. Gravity has cram work and only feeds on fast beats and in all his big hits; he has at least been helped by a vocalist on the chorus.
Fefe Busi sings to *A pass tulikubigele tulinze sente zaffe ziwere* he is seen on boda bodas from one location to another to juggle shows as he hoods the head. Gravity has on the other hand driven a series of hot rides and currently cruises a Toyota Prado TX.
Gravity is known as the secondary GNL Zamba for Luga flow and it’s no doubt he has bagged most rap accolades as Fefe Busi keeps looking in admiration. The money star has cemented his name with remarkable hits resulting into uncountable recognition. Fefe Busi is trying, yes still trying and surely if he keeps with the place we might have him bring the Grammy award home some day in future.
Gravity remains un beatable and comes as a surprise how someone from Katanga can surely mint attires together to form a good look. He is the type that can wear a Zara original pair of classic shoe and a regular client at Abryans collection store.The skinny Fefe Busi on the other hand goes down town Owiino hooded to chase for cheap sales.

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