Of late, it seems the latest trend for our female musicians is bleaching and surgery .Females from all walks of life have resorted to turning brown or white and this has not left our musicians and celebrities behind. It’s an all-inclusive affair involving men and women but the females have engaged in this habit relentlessly.Bleaching products come from all ranges.The cheapest being the local downtown shops that mix the products manually to the high end ones that are just imported into the country.
Bleaching is done using Vaseline or pills and injections that all vary consectually. Today we look at some of our female celebs that have opted to bleach rather than maintain there original colors.

Irene Ntale hit the big time close to 4 years ago and much as she wasn’t as striking as most female musicians, she had a powerful voice. Hers was the case of that innocent lito gal with a silk voice but as she scored hit after hit, she felt need to upgrade her looks and boom she bleached. Sources close to her tell us that she swallows tabs and injections from Glow Inner Beauty that’s y her skin color seems to be consistent.

iryn ntale

If the Rema of 2012 met the Rema of 2016, the two could fight over identity.2 years ago Rema embarked on a bleaching mission particularly to rule out the edge her co wife at the time had over her. She also swallows tabs from Glow inner beauty.


Hers has been a gradual process.During her time with the DREAM GALS,she was always the prettiest and when the group broke up her career blossomed more than the rest of the gals but as time went on her career hit the rocks and had to compensate with her looks.She since started tapping her skin color and gradually she now looks like the diva she yearns to be.

leila kayondo

Namukwaya Diana aka Spice Diana is a naturally brown gal who feels her natural brown aint enough and has since opted to add a touch of curious brown. She uses powder and lotions to exaggerate her skin color but some body parts are too stubborn to give up the original brown.

The former blue3 singer is almost unrecognizable in the recent images doing rounds everywhere. A pioneer member of blu3, Jackie Chandiru was the darkest owing to her origin however after she hit the big time; she started moving up the lighter side. By the time drugs knocked her out she was almost an albino. However by the time she came back from rehab, she was back to normal with her darker color everywea.

jackie chandiru

Bad black has made it clear that her main intention is to turn chinese.5 YEARS ago she hit the big time and was a normal black muganda girl with a big nose, slowly she got entrenched in the celebrity world and first she had a breast implant, next she did face surgery and boom she bleached. Today she looks like an Albino and she says the journey has just started. She has gone a step further and opened a bleaching shop and sales bleaching products.

bad black

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