By Robinah Nakate.(Intern)

The Mulembe night is a launch of platform that seeks to preserve our cultural heritage, tourism, networking and a venue for building a strong identity,says Jaq Deweyi the brain behind the Bamasaba first ever Mulembe nite.

It will be launched today on Friday 26th August at the refurbished club silk lounge targeting the Bamasaaba, Bagisu, and the other people.

The main aim for Mulembe Night is to launch a plat form that can unite Bamasaaba to push for and support causes that benefit their community.
The party in Club Silk is to create awareness, the wape to push for education of the girl child, promoting culture, strong identity tourism within and networking where everyone will be aware of each other.
In conclusion, the Mulembe night will be a forum for peace and harmony, art and culture and generally “a party for a cause”

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