Alex Muhangi and Ronnie McVex settle comedy score

Last night was the battle of the biggest comedy shows in Kampala. One relaunching at a new home and the other re-branding at old home. Alex Muhangi’s comedy store held its first show at new home “The 400 Bukoto” with gorgeous Winnie Nwagi as the guest performing artiste alongside the under cover brothers. Next door was Ronnie McVex’s new brand Diners Comedy at “Diners Lounge serenading with Kyadondo East MP Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee as the guest arts of the night.

The quorum at Diners Lounge
The filled elbow-to-elbow Diners Lounge
Comedy Store welcomed massively at The 400
Comedy Store welcomed massively fit to bust at The 400

Both shows were priced 20,000 shs ordinary and 300,000 for a table of 7. Just as competition begins from home, Comedy store’s main sponsor is Serena based NTV whereas Diners comedy is backed by Kamwokya’s Nbs TV.

Getting down to the real rib cracking business, the two former work mates Muhangi and McVex miraculously got even at full house level despite the later having a set back hours before the show when KCCA law enforcement agents invaded Diners Lounge and confiscated some of the event’s equipment over noise pollution. its still not clear whether the attendees were attracted because of the two mega performing artistes at both camps but crowd splitting worked out perfectly well for the twin events.

Here are some of the night’s highlights that necessitate no application of compare and contrast method.In fact its a confusion of which is which as identical tents were erected with similar sitting and table arrangements as well as the lights.

Smiling at KCCA like "yeeeee you couldn't stop Diners from getting lit tonight"
 sending a message to  KCCA like “yeeeee you couldn’t stop Diners from getting lit tonight”
Bobi Wine and wife Barbie at Diners before blazing up the stage
Bobi Wine and wife Barbie at Diners before blazing up the stage
Baby ndunya's of the night: Snake & Zoro at The 400
Baby ndunya’s of the night: Snake & Zoro at The 400
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