A Pass asks Bebe Cool to apologize to him

Mr Bagonza aka A Pass of the dididada fame is the kind who bites more than he can chew. Remember in January when Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool’s list of artistes made heads roll in the entertainment industry, A Pass was quick to deliver a submission that he will work hard this year to appear on Bebe Cool’s next list of 2019. And now 5 months down the road, he has shifted guns and pointed them at Bebe asking him to apologize.

In an interview yesterday, he was quoted saying

“I respect legend artistes but Bebe Cool is not a big size but a small artiste. I should be his role model but he cannot be my role model since we can’t agree on most things”

All this he said after fans from team Gagamel labelled A Pass as on of the top most idlers on social media who deserve to be taxed.

A Pass and Bebe Cool during ‘Koona’ Show in February on Spark TV hosted by Miles Rwamitti

A Pass didn’t stop at that, he asked Bebe Cool to apologize to his fans for failing to deliver the 20 hit album that he promised to release earlier this year! He went ahead to say that even the two of the 20 that he just released are not up to the level he hyped while talking months back on Miles Rwamitti’s show on Spark TV

”I’m a quiet person so please all artistes who’ve been beefing me, be careful because the day i’ll release those hate speech voice notes you’ve been making about me, your fans will never like you again”

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