NTV’s Raymond Mujuni to make 1st appearance on Nbs TV

October 4, 2017

You cannot talk investigative journalism in Uganda without Mentioning NTV’s Raymond Mujuni. This enthusiastic young journalist joined NTV during its glorious days 2 years back as the most watched Urban television famous for its objective 9pm news and life stories. The media world is evolving at a faster pace and who knew Nbs TV would one day claim a market share of the news bulletins, covering national events live and…


Kabushenga chases MP6 speaker Frank Gashumba from Bukedde TV

October 3, 2017

Motor mouthed political, economic, social, entertainment etc critic, producer, editor and cameraman Frank.M.Gashumba last night was blocked from accessing Bukedde TV studios to be apart of the Akabinkano political show at 11pm. Excited Gashumba had earlier at 6pm posted on his facebook TV page where he goes live all day that it’s a miracle for him to receive an invitation to take part in the Tojikwatako discussion on national TV….


“5 kids are enough”-Zari

October 2, 2017

The embattled married widow and Boss lady last week while talking to her close slay queen buddies vowed to give her reproductive system a break. This she said after she was asked whether or not she’ll give cheating Husband Diamond Platinumz other kids. According to her bio, she fathers 3 kids(Pinto,Raphael and Quincy) with late husband Ivan Semwanga(Passport names Ali Senyomo) and 2 simultaneous ones with Diamond Platinums. Of these…


Darx Kartel seen performing in Pr Yiga’s church

October 2, 2017

When people say Uganda Zaabu, they not only mean the natural endowments but the wonders that never cease to come to an end. what has become of Ugandan churches is something that will Force the Lord to come back sooner than later. Last Friday, Darx Kartel the “Batuzaala Mubara” hit maker was seen on the kawala based ABS TV performing on the pulpit alongside Jesus and all the Angels. The…


“Be your own president” A Pass to Ugandans

September 28, 2017

It’s the Togikwatako era and every celebrity is influencing their fans in their own manner. A Pass the loudest Facebook noise maker yesterday denounced Museveni as his president and proclaimed God as his President. “You can talk and complain all day but me God is my president. He was elected when I was born, Iam not worried about the cabinet of MPs etc” reads the post. A Pass went ahead…