101 with upcoming star Lindah Blessing Kwagala

They say that if you don’t embrace change, change will embrace you. So either way, we have to welcome fresh talent on the scene and that’s why today we bring you this goddess of hard work and talent.

Who exactly is LBK?

Hmmm Lindah Blessing Kwagala is a nurse by profession, a business lady and an upcoming musician by passion

Did you just talk about being a business lady?

Yes, I bring in a variety stuff from Dubai like watches, perfumes, shirts, Jewelry, Handbags. Actually everything that I come across and is good, I buy

Wow that’s so innovative of you! Musically talking, what have you worked on?

I have 4 audios and 2 videos on record

 Ohh ng’olina work. Which ones are those?

I have a song called Nkwagala written by Lytto Boss, Sikyanonya written by John Kay, Ndikubererawo, Ntegedde by Jamie Culture and Mummy by Edrin.

which big stages have you graced so far?

Ive been at the Embuttu Y,embutikizi for Bukedde Tv, Lyto Boss’z Launch at La Bonita last year, Ekibbutu in Masaka for Radio Buddu and other small parties like Tycoon Lwasa’s and Mulinde’s birthdays and other introduction ceremonies

Ever since you ventured into music, what challenges have you faced so far?

Well for challenges, I don’t think I’ve met any. I don’t know if its because I am so new in the industry

What inspires you to sing and who is your mentor?

My grandma is my mentor and i am inspired by good music

If you had a chance to do a collabo with a big artiste, who Would it be?


Lindah having a light moment with Aziz Azion after performing..

What do you think is the reason as to why Ugandan music is fading into Nigerian Music

I don’t think our music is fading                                                                      

How about those who duplicate the beats and rhyme them up with lugganda lyrics?

Now that’s not right, we need to be creative

Ohh well said, so what are you working on for 2018 and where do you see yourself in the next 3 years.

I am working on different projects this year. Ntegedde audio dropping soon, Mummy and Ntegedde videos are also around the corner because I already see myself on top

Where can people find your music then?

My music can be found at Lindah Blesssing MUSIC on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VYByVMmZOo) Fans can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram on the pages Lindah Blessing MUSIC and @lindahblessing music respectively

Lindah doing her thing..


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