10 lessons to learn from Fr.Katerega’s sermon at Radio’s requiem mass

GoodLyfe Singer and song writer Mowzey Radio’s requiem mass took place yesterday at Rubaga Cathedral. It was such a sombre state for hundreds of celebrities, fans and family that gathered to seek for the Creator’s forgiveness and to ask him to grant a safe haven for Radio’s Soul.

The mass was led by Rev.Fr Deogatious Kiibi Katerega the curate at the cathedral and he gave a lot of moral classes to the mourners especially the celebrities. Below are some of his key points that we thought you’d want to meditate on and maybe switch your life’s lane.

10. Make use of the age between 30-40!

Fr Katerega advised all the youth to enjoy life but settle down between this age bracket because it’s the only moment they have to save and secure a bright old age future. “It’s a period of seriousness, investment and marriage” he said.
He however sent out a warning to the old between 50-80 who are stuck in their late twenties behavior of sleeping around and having concubines!

9. Don’t let money rule your life!

According to Fr Katerega, Ugandans tend to change after earning more shillings than the others. Don’t be extravagant and don’t spend unnecessarily. Prioritize your needs and don’t treat those who don’t have like trash. He warned artistes who sing for decades only to get bedridden and they can’t help themselves financially. Hence car washing functions and fundraisers are organized to raise money to clear the bills. ‘This should stop’ he cautioned

8. Make as many relationships as possible!

“Did you know that when you die, it’s not your cars, money or buildings that bury you? It’s the people you associated with”
He further praised Radio for making meaningful relationships as evidenced by the masses that turned up for prayers.

7. Spare Time for your family!

He emphasized this as the strongest point of all. He begged celebrities to find time for their families as he posed a question
“maybe if his wife had kept him home that night, he wouldn’t have had the fight in the bar, gotten hospitalized and then died?”

6. Fame/Talent is God-given. Don’t be proud but Use it to make an impact!

To this, the priest reminded the artistes of how much they owe to God for giving them such talents which they are misusing as he said
“Learn to handle life of fame. However rich, everybody’s coffin will be squared and not round. Nobody will be buried on an acre of their land. Even your own children or spouse will not mourn for you forever. There will come a time when they have to move on.”

5. Control your fame, don’t let fame control you!

Father Katerega urged artistes to retain their state of humanity once they become famous. Some artistes feel they are above everyone else and the law because they are famous. They then feel
Untouchable and start stepping on everyone’s head, causing fights, neglecting their responsibilities because they hold a name. This is so disastrous because it’s the same reason as to why Radio is no more!

4. Remember your Creator!

“When they become famous, they stop
going to places of worship until they are brought back lifeless in caskets”
said the priest

3. Respect your bodies!

He was so perturbed by the fact that the youth today spend most of their time boozing, smoking weed and using drugs. He reminded the celebrities of how their bodies are the temples of the Lord that houses their minds and souls.

2. Be Simple!

This he said in reference to ladies who have made Men’s Lives a struggling hell as they fight to earn a lot and live up to the standards of the women they wish to marry.
“Some of you ladies look too expensive. You drive to your rented houses depending on the money you de-tooth from men” he elaborated.

1. REMEMBER, Whatever bad thing you do comes back to you!

He strongly cautioned the mourners to stop
doing wrong to each other! Because whatever we do wrong haunts us down, our lineages and other generations to come. This he said in reference to the Bouncer who fought Moze into coma and later death.



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